Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another Tuesday night in the hotel

I think this is the last hotel night for the time being. I'm mostly glad about that -- it's a lot of work to pack for several days and bring all the food a pregnant lady requires and remember all the work stuff you need to bring along -- but I have to admit that it's sort of nice to come "home" from work in the evening and not have to talk to anyone.

I'd thought about going to see Capote tonight, but my dinner out took too long, so I'm back here with some magazines, the laptop and a few quiet hours. The new job continues to go very well; I've realized that my co-workers see me as a colleague, rather than a newbie whose contributions will be useless for several months, which is quite reassuring... especially since I realized that they are, in fact, correct. and that I do actually know what I'm talking about. (Astonishing, right?)

I also leaped a hurdle this evening and told one of the new coworkers about the bambino/a. I was starting to feel dishonest by not mentioning it -- I'm practically 18 weeks along, for crying out loud, so it's not like there's any need for discretion at this point -- so I just blurted it out. My coworker, the one with whom I chat the most, was very pleasant and happy -- he has two kids himself -- and said he didn't understand why our boss would have wanted me to wait to spring the news on people. (Last week, my boss said I should wait another week or two before letting the cat out of the bag; he didn't want to do the equivalent of giving the staff a new toy, he said, and then yanking it away from them. And, yes, in this metaphor, I am the toy.)

The blurting was somewhat tactical: I brought with me the new maternity jeans I bought on Saturday, the ones which are very low-rise and thus totally accentuate the little bump I've got going on. Darren and I determined last night that, when I'm wearing them, from the front and the back you can't really tell I'm pregnant -- but that from the side it's obvious. Not wearing them wasn't an option; my regular pants just don't fit anymore.

So I'm guessing that the cat will emerge from the bag further tomorrow, which is fine by me. The sooner people know -- and the sooner they realize that there is no other option for me except returning to work after maternity leave -- the sooner they'll get over it. I hope.


For those of you following the mc morning sickness circus, now this update: Yes, as usual, I threw up this morning. First time since last Tuesday. It's gotta be either lack of sleep -- I get up an hour or two earlier than usual on these Tuesdays -- or anxiety, or both. I'm hoping that next week, when I'll just be coming up for the day, this problem will lessen. Either that or I will simply get used to puking every time I need to leave the house at 7 am to be up here on time. Ugh.