Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday at the strip mall

Two momentous events today at Casa RunCookWrite:

1. I bought my first maternity clothes. On our way home from a birthday party for a two-year-old, we stopped at Aged Indigo, where I hesitantly waded into the maternity corner (which, of course, is not located by the women's clothes, but by the baby clothes. Ick.). I couldn't deal with any of the pants with panels -- and, honestly, I don't need them yet anyway -- but on the 50% off rack I found not one but TWO pairs of low-rise jeans that fit well and are actually flattering.

I don't know about you, but I find shopping for pants to be one of the most irritating tasks on the face of the earth, perhaps because my height (5'4") is the dividing line between regular and petite sizes, which is complicated by the fact that I have a short torso. You'd think that would mean that I have long legs, but most pants are way too long for me. Thus the angst. So to find two pairs of jeans that fit me -- and my belly -- well in only 20 minutes of shopping was damn near orgasmic.

The third find was a nice button-down shirt that has a bit too much cloth in the belly region for me now, but should be great in a couple weeks... or whenever it is that I start gaining weight. (I stepped on the scale again yesterday and was startled to find that I *still* have not exceeded my pre-vomiting weight.)

Best part about the whole thing? Total bill: $30.96. Yeehaw.

2. The first assault on the evil baby superstore, which just happens to be located right next to Aged Indigo. It was 3 pm on a Saturday, which meant the place was mobbed, mostly by women. We decided to take a quick stroll through the furniture section -- no intention to buy anything, but just to get an idea about prices on cribs and gliders. We're not necessarily going to buy either of those items at EBS, but it helped to get an idea about price ranges and styles -- and then to come home and cross-reference the Baby Bargains book about what we saw.

Darren seemed untraumatised by the whole excursion, despite the fact that he'd never had cause to enter EBS before. I think the fact that we kept our time there to less than 15 minutes helped, as did a few minutes test driving the gliders (and, boy, the book is right -- you can tell the difference in the ones made by Dutailier as soon as you sit in them).

Now, D is settled on the couch watching football with Rocky. I'm sipping a tasty shake I made (frozen berries, a banana, yogurt, ice and a little honey) and pondering a trip to the couch myself. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.