Monday, January 09, 2006

Today's accomplishments, 1 pm edition

1. Finally dropped off the ancient pairs of eyeglasses -- huge and oh-so-round -- that have been sitting on my desk for a year at the Lions Club donation box. Also took empty ink jet cartridges to the recycling center at City Hall.

2. Took unwanted Christmas crap -- decorations, mostly -- to Goodwill, along with the pregnant bear I received this year.

3. Put on -- and continue to wear successfully -- a turtleneck sweater, something that has been banished from my wardrobe throughout the months of morning sickness, since even the thought of something touching my throat was enough to make me queasy.

4. Ate a tuna melt sandwich. Another red-letter achievement in the annals of morning sickness, since I have not eaten any seafood at all since October. I didn't eat enough this morning before I went errand-running, and while I was out I was dreaming of a tuna melt, but unsure whether my low blood sugar, which usually makes me quite ill, would allow me to mix up the tuna and open the dreaded bread bag (one of my worst nausea triggers). But all was well; I made the sandwich without any problems whatsoever, gobbled it down in about 12 seconds and am feeling just peachy now. I'm sure the nausea isn't gone completely, but it has gotten so much better in the last few weeks that life might actually be enjoyable again.