Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A to-do list as long as my arm

That's what I've got in front of me today. I leave tomorrow for New Jersey; I'm spending tomorrow night with my fabulous pal S. and her family in north Jersey, then on Thursday driving the last hour to my parents' house. Rocky's coming with me, which should be interesting, considering that S. has a cat who has very little, if any, experience with dogs... and that Rocky loooooves cats and thinks they should be her friends and playmates.

Darren is coming down Friday with my sister, her husband, crazy Lucy and Jelly, who yesterday started a new and unpredictable habit of peeing in the house -- once on her bed, which seems to be a particularly bad sign. Luckily, one of my stops today is at the vet's to pick up a refill of her arthritis meds, so I will inquire about this new problem and find out when they want us to bring her in for what will probably turn out to be a couple hundred dollars of tests. I'm a bit worried about kidney function, which can be a problem in older dogs... she's been drinking a ton of water lately, and that's another bad sign.

Today's to-do list wouldn't be so long if I had gotten anything other than grocery shopping and some half-hearted wrapping done yesterday. But I spent the morning feeling miserable, between anxiety about the spotting and some heavy-duty nausea; then, by the time I was back from the ultrasound and feeling better, I had just an hour or two before we went to Darcy's sister's house for an impromptu gathering on what would have been Darcy's 36th birthday. Her sister wanted to hear all the stories she'd missed at the party, so we all obliged. There were 10 or 12 of us, munching on crackers and cheese and watching sweet Sam toddle around giggling; it was a completely celebratory, warm evening. We stayed much longer than we'd intended, came home, cleaned up pee (or at least Darren did) and went to bed.

And that is why I should be hopping in the shower and starting to cross items off that list, rather than sitting here typing. Oh, and did I mention that I also have an editing job for my former employer -- a job I have not yet received, but that must be finished before I leave tomorrow morning? Argh.