Friday, December 16, 2005

Snow day

Technically, I believe the weather phenomenon we are experiencing right now is called a "wintry mix," but I'm not entirely certain. I was supposed to be spending today finishing my Christmas shopping and picking up the desk and printer stand for my new home office. But it's been snowing for hours, switching over to what appears to be freezing rain in the last half hour or so. That means the roads are likely to be lousy; while I hate the idea of doing these errands tomorrow and encountering the consumerist hordes, it's sorta silly to go out today when I don't really have to.

So, the day's agenda has changed. Today's tasks:
  • Take a shower.
  • Put laundry away, and deal with the giant pile of clothes on the chair in the bedroom.
  • Change sheets on guestroom bed and remove random piles of junk in preparation for Darren's brother's arrival this evening.
  • Call furniture store to put desk and printer stand on hold.
  • Finish crocheting hat for Dad.
  • Brush Rocky.
  • Contemplate beginning work on the scarf for my aunt.
  • Pick up other random piles of junk around the house and put contents away.
  • String lights on Christmas tree, which has been standing undecorated in the dining room since Sunday.
  • Lay on the couch and watch TV or read for a while (hey, technically I'm on vacation!).
I promise to try very hard to not start at the bottom of the list.