Friday, December 09, 2005

At long last, the bedroom work is done

Here's the final repainting picture with which I will torture you. The difference here is that the ceiling and the floor are painted. We've ordered one rug, for the long side of the room, and are in negotiations with my parents about possibly using one that they don't need any more for the square side. (And, yes, that plant under the window is quite dead. I just haven't gotten around to admitting that and throwing it out yet.)

You can see from the bedside table that I've always liked the color we ended up with on the walls. My first thought was to strip the end tables and refinish them with stain, rather than paint. But since I'd have to coerce someone else into doing that work because of the noxious chemicals involved, and since I kinda like how they disappear into the wall, I'm thinking of leaving them this color. Your thoughts?

And here's a closeup of the floor color, which is sorta putty-like.

Now, to the shower and off into the snow to collect the contents of my desk and say goodbye to my soon-to-be-former co-workers.