Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One step forward?

Aside from the fact that I just dropped a glob of oatmeal into my keyboard, things have improved quite a bit in the last couple days. I started taking vitamin B-6 on Sunday for the nausea, and it seems to be making quite a difference; yesterday was the first day w/ no vomiting in weeks. (Here's hoping for a repeat today...). I also had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning and met the really fantastic second doc at my ob-gyn's. She was really kind and easy to talk to, and very sympathetic about the morning sickness. She gave me a prescription for anti-nausea meds that I went ahead and filled -- even though they cause drowsiness and so you can't drive after you've taken them, making them absolutely useless for work purposes -- just to have them on hand.

The whole experience made us decide to stay with the ob-gyn rather than switching to the midwives downstairs, as we'd initially planned. The ob-gyn practice is small and incredibly friendly; we very much like both docs, and feel comfortable with them and the rest of the staff. They're open to holistic stuff like water births and doulas, which is important to me. And at this point I think the relationship we already have with them is better, and more important, than whatever crunchy factor we'd gain by going to the midwives. And, honestly, I'm more comfortable being on the crunchy end of the ob-gyn's spectrum than being on the conservative end of the midwives', if that makes any sense.

One other morning sickness-related thought: Having something to do other than lay around, watch cable and whine about how lousy I feel makes a difference, too. I felt noticeably better yesterday morning even before taking my vitamin, just because I had to get up, get dressed and get to work. So I probably didn't have to waste the entire weekend being a lump on the couch, but oh well. The chances to do that are going to diminish rapidly in the future anyway, so I'm glad I took that one, nausea-induced or not.

Ok, gotta get going. The contractor who did our bathroom is coming over this morning to fix the paint on the wainscoting -- apparently his painter didn't prime it well enough, because the wood grain is coming through in a most unattractive way. Darren called the contractor last week, and he said he'd take care of it today, all in one day. We love this man.