Saturday, November 26, 2005

Progress... in home decor, anyway

While I've been completely indisposed, splitting my time between the couch and the bathroom, Darren has been working like a fiend in the bedroom. Last night he finished painting the walls; we ended up going with a mulberry-ish color -- we couldn't find a brown we liked, and Ginga's point about our wood furniture clashing with the brown was well taken. Now he's working on the baseboards, which were all scuffed where the plywood and linoleum hit them. After that, all that's left is to paint the slanted wall of the eaves -- it'd formerly been painted the wall color, but we thought that with this intense mulberry, it'd be better if it were white like the ceiling -- and then to do the floor.

Speaking of which: The paint store guys recommended that we (and by "we," I mean, Darren) use liquid sander on it. It's a nasty chemical you rub on with a rag; it roughs up the surface of the paint enough so the next coat of paint will adhere, but it doesn't create any dust. Which, given the lead issue, is a good thing.

So, some visuals. This is the wall on the long side of the room; again, the yellow eaves will be painted white.

And this is taken from the doorway looking down the long side of the room, toward the front of the house (the yellow eaves are just out of sight on the right).