Sunday, November 13, 2005


I should be content, right? My parents left this morning. We've got the house to ourselves (plus crazy Lucy) and a whole day with very little to do... except for that freelance piece I've got to write.

However, I am feeling like crud. This freelance story is a mere 500 words; it should take me an hour to write. But I can't make myself begin, in part because I am feeling so queasy. Thus far, I've had lots of nausea, followed by a recent bout of post-nasal drip that makes me even more queasy. I've quit dairy (mostly) as a way to prevent it, which severely limits my breakfast options. And this morning, after several hours of feeling not quite right, I finally threw up. In a pot. In my bedroom.

When I came downstairs afterwards, Darren said, "Boy, this pregnancy thing sure doesn't look like fun."

And, really, so far it's not. I did make it through all the wedding festivities unscathed, but now I'm wondering if all that takes a toll -- if today's nausea and exhaustion are a consequence of two-and-a-half days of constant motion and excitement. If so, I've got to make the most of today's relaxation time so that I can buck up for this meeting I've got tomorrow. I'm not going to work, but I've got a chiropractor appt at 8:30, followed by a 90-minute drive to the meeting... which could last for several hours. As this will likely be the definitive meeting regarding this particular opportunity, I really need to perform well, which may include pulling off a lunch outing at a fancy restaurant (oy). I'm hoping to be home on the couch by mid-afternoon... which means that I'd better try to get this story written in the next couple hours. Ugh.