Sunday, October 09, 2005

Farewell, Lil Blue

Well, old friend, you've served me well these last eight years. Now you're headed to a new home in north-central Maine, away from the salty sea air. I know you loved me, but did you really have to fight so hard when we took your license plates off? I'm sorry we had to resort to the hacksaw, but you gave us no other choice.

Don't be jealous of the Prius; it wasn't you, it was me. And, besides, I'm sure you'll be happy in your new life, with a nice single dad and his three kids. I bet they won't fill you with little dogs, or toss junk in your back seat or play the radio really loudly. I bet they'll pat your steering wheel like I did when you're going up big hills, and gasp in astonishment when you hit 80 effortlessly.

I'll always remember you, Lil Blue, and that trip we took all the way down east a couple years back, and the drive we made together to Aroostook County last summer, not to mention numerous trips to New Jersey and thousands of miles on Maine roads. You were reliable and loyal, and for that I am grateful.