Friday, October 07, 2005

Catching up

Things that have happened this week:

I sold my car (for asking price!) to a very nice man who drove here from about 100 miles north after dark on a Thursday to look at it.

I discovered that the homework for my editing class isn't due until next Wednesday (and that everyone else had thought it was this week, too). Also discovered that the other editors in the class think my hours are insane. Songbird, I think this is one of those keys you were talking about.

Two editors have said they'll give me plenty o' assignments if I do follow through on the Big Plan(!).

Operation: Jelly Snooze
's latest phase, in which we put her in the chair in our bedroom, rather than our bed, when she wakes up and wanders in the middle of the night, failed miserably at about 6 yesterday morning, when she noticed I was awake and dove off the side of the chair and onto my bedside table. She continued charging at me -- YOU'RE AWAKE! GET UP! FEED ME! I LOVE YOU! -- until she ran into the large and messy pile of books and magazines and sort of bounced off the table and onto the floor. (It's a good thing the table is about 18 inches off the floor.) Whereupon she commenced the whole routine -- YOU'RE AWAKE! GET UP! FEED ME! I LOVE YOU! -- again.

Blood test results came back from last week's doctor appt re: baby-making, and everything's fine. Darren did a test of his own, about which I will say no more, and I've got an HSG test scheduled in a week or two. Followup appt with my doc is on Halloween, which somehow seems appropriate.

No exercise.

Little in the way of cooking, though I did order out a really nice greasy pizza the other night.

Work. Lots and lots of work. I swear, I am going to become a much more interesting person once I can stop whining about my job.