Sunday, September 25, 2005

Working for the weekend

Still no time to write this work/life balance stuff -- mostly because for the last couple weeks there's been no balance. It's been all work, all the time. I spent about five hours yesterday at the office, and have spent about the same working today (mostly at home, with an hour at the office at the end of the day) -- and I've got one more story to edit before I call it quits this evening. All this because I'm taking Monday-Friday off. Insane.

Another big warning sign was the realization that the last three times we've taken any significant time off, I've intended to use the vacation to figure out How I Want My Life to Be... ie, I don't like how it is now and would like to try to change that. When it hit me that I've been saving up these deep thoughts for more than two years worth of vacations... well, that's not good.

No time to think now, though. Got that story to edit, and then food and clothes to pack for our three-day sojourn at friends of friends' cottage on a lake in western Maine where, thank jebus, there is no cell coverage, but there is a fireplace and a canoe and a mountain to climb. It's not enough to change the big picture of my life, but it is a respite, and for that I'm grateful.