Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Three small victories

Count 'em:

1. I went running today. For an actual run of perhaps 2.75 miles. I did not die. My thighs feel like rubber and I think the blotchiness of my face frightened a few small children, but I survived. I'm annoyed at myself that I let six weeks go by without running, especially since six weeks ago I was in pretty decent shape. And now all that work I did all summer has vanished.

But whatever. I got out there and it was good.

2. I worked two 11-hour days in a row and still managed to throw together decent dinners involving the multitude of fresh vegetables we get from our farm share. Ok, so Darren was largely responsible for last night's feast of roasted fingerling potatoes, collard greens and barbecued chicken. (Darren did the chicken and potatoes. I cooked the greens, while chatting with my in-laws who'd stopped in for an impromptu tour of the new bathroom. At 7 pm. On a Monday. Which meant that they were at my house when I arrived in all my hungry-and-irritated glory. So I think I deserve a LOT of credit for those greens, especially since the throbbing pain in my left temple, a la Angry Pregnant Lawyer, prevented me from opening a bottle of wine for fear of exacerbating it.)

But I take all the credit for tonight's burrito dinner, for which I made a nice quick salsa with tomatoes, cilanto and a hot pepper from the farm, plus a lowly yellow onion from the grocery store and some kosher salt from a box. The burritos were not fancy -- just a mixture of refried and black beans, plus the salsa, on a whole wheat tortilla -- but they were filling and pretty healthy, which is not bad for a meal served at 8:45 pm on the night before deadline.

3. I bought some super-premium Maine ice cream (Deer Tracks, yum) in a moment of weakness at the grocery store (the rest of the order: tortillas and beer) and am about to go to bed without having eaten any of it.