Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday night iTunes

Since I've been so swamped lately, I haven't had a chance to check out a bunch of music that I've been meaning to -- until this evening, anyway. We decided against getting the Sunday Times after getting home so late tonight, and after making my way thru the latest New Yorker and the latest Entertainment Weekly, I decided against any more magazine reading. But it was too early to go to bed. And Darren was re-watching The Life Aquatic, which I enjoyed in the theater... but not enough to watch again.

So in the last 30 minutes, I've listened to the following:
~Rilo Kiley (I like... but not quite enough to buy. I think that'll change soon enough.)
~My Morning Jacket (Hmm. Hard to say. They're coming to Portland in October, and Kathleen Edwards is opening. I know a bunch of people who love 'em, and I love Kathleen... but the clips just didn't do anything for me. Have asked a trusted advisor for his opinion on this one.)
~Death Cab for Cutie. (Yes, that is the bandwagon pulling away from my house. I finally bought Transaltanticism, which I've been meaning to do for ages. Good stuff.)
~Modest Mouse. (I actually bought Good News for People... etc., but listened to it once, decided 'twas too loud and gave it away. But Phantom Scribbler and Scrivener have mentioned this one again and again; after a listen to "Float On," I think I'm going to get my CD back and burn it to the iPod. And, yes, I'm really late on that one, too.)
~Iron & Wine. (A favorite of mine from the Garden State soundtrack. Finally got around to buying Our Endless Numbered Days. Must stop downloading now.)
~Sufjan Stevens. (I've read tons of reviews of this guy, and wanted to check him out. Interesting... but not sure if it meets my threshold for a purchase, though solely on a songs-per-dollar basis it's an awfully good deal.)

Ok, 9:57. A respectable time to start getting ready for bed, and a decent hour to stop spending money.