Saturday, July 30, 2005

Grownup summer

So far, so good. I did moon around the house whining about how I had nothing to do for a while yesterday, but eventually kicked my butt into gear and accomplished Nos. 3, 5, 7 and 8 on my list of things to do. And just a few moments ago, I picked up the clothes bomb.

Otherwise, I've been doing my best to enjoy what Ginga described as grownups summer the other day. Walked Lucyfer the giant pony this morning, then got a bagel and an iced coffee and headed to the beach. It was gorgeous -- low humidity, bright sun, a light breeze and a new New Yorker. Couldn't have wished for better.

Now we're home again. I've got freshly washed hair (though I'm still uncertain about the haircut), the dishwasher is running and simple syrup is chilling in the fridge. Dinner tonight: pennette in a pink cream sauce with zuchini, along with a green salad and mojitos. I'm pondering making some sort of cooked fruit dessert (peach pie, perhaps?), but am fearful that I'll run out of steam halfway through. The plan is to go for a night paddle after dinner... I'm not all that into kayaking, especially with the rotator cuff problems I've been having lately, but it should be nice to float around in the twilight a bit.

Tomorrow: More of the same, plus a trip to Home Depot to scout out fixtures for the big bathroom remodel.