Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday night gerunds*

Eating: Yuppified green salad -- Arugula, green-leaf lettuce, radicchio, Thai basil and scallions, all from our organic farm share, plus feta and a nice little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper dressing. Not to mention a slice of pumpernickel (only the bland, tasteless, only-looks-brown-but-doesn't-taste-it version we can get here) and buttah. The husband is out with a friend, we've got a ton of greens and I'm unmotivated to cook for my own self. So that's dinner.

Drinking: A fine, cheap sauvignon blanc, ie, dessert.

Listening: To WFUV, one of the world's greatest stations, not least since they unveiled unlimited high-bandwidth streaming. And, yes, I sent in my membership renewal last week.

Avoiding: Paying bills. And cleaning the bathroom. Especially cleaning the bathroom. A friend from high school -- who, in fact, is the first boy I ever had a crush on, way back in kindergarden -- is headed this way as a houseguest. Due to frequent moves on the part of my family, we did not actually see each other from age 5 to age 15, when we ended up in the same high school and in the same group of pals. At which time we did not have crushes on each other. Anyway, we haven't been in touch for a couple years, but it turns out he's not only moving back East but is also interviewing for a job about 15 minutes from here (400 miles north of where we both grew up). And so he's staying with us Weds. and probably Thurs. Which means I really need to clean the bathroom. And put sheets on the guest room bed. And move my fertility chart thing off the kitchen counter.

Worrying: About the fact that it is now day 28 of my cycle and I have not yet ovulated. So far this month I have spent $45 on ovulation predictor tests (Anita, I keep meaning to email you about those cheap test kits you mentioned at one point) and for what? How can I obsess about getting pregnant if I can't even ovulate? (No, I am not pregnant. Temp is very, very low -- lower than usual, in fact, and has been for the last approximately eleventy-three days.)

Running: Quite a bit, as it turns out. Ran 5.4 miles yesterday morning, and every other day prior to that for the last week. Nothing like fear of a 10K in two weeks to motivate one's lazy ass.

Loving: My new skirt, bought with proceeds from the freelance assignment I whined about a few weeks back. Nine-tenths of that check is going toward the credit card bill, but one-tenth was a little splurge for me, on the peppy little number you see there in the site's header. So there is some reward for all those Saturdays at the computer.

Skipping: My blogversary, which occurred last Wednesday. I'd intended some deep treatise on the implications of writing about one's life for an audience of anonymous strangers, some friends inside the computer and a few real-life pals (hi Sarah!)... but then it was hot, and I was grumpy.

Wondering: Why grownups don't get summers off. And how, exactly, my boss would arrange her features if I walked in tomorrow and said I need to take the entire month of August off. Which sure sounds tempting right now.

*Does using an obscure grammatical term as the title of a post mean I have reached the absolute depths of geekiness? Or is it the beginning of a fabulous meme that will sweep the Internets, borne though it is of my complete lack of ability to write a few coherent paragraphs that are actually, like, connected to each other?