Monday, July 18, 2005

Second verse, same as the first

Arrrgh. The miserable workday I experience five times over last week? It hath already been repeated. And it ain't looking good for the rest of the week, either.

The day began, as many lousy Mondays do, with the realization two-thirds of the way to work that the laptop containing the cover story for the issue that goes to press Wednesday was sitting on my couch at home. So much for getting in early.

And when I did finally arrive at work, laptop in tow, within moments I learned that my latest new hire had quit. I repeat: Up and quit after three weeks on the job. No notice, no nothing. Just a phone call to my boss this morning, saying that last Friday was the last day and the parking pass and office keys would be coming in the mail, thank you veddy much. Dream job appeared out of the blue and all that jazz. Whatever.

All of this and it was only 8:45 a.m.

We joked about whether it'd be better to go back to bed or just start drinking. Suffice it to say that we did neither, and that I arrived home at about 8:15 this evening, having already hung up on my beloved husband once and grumbled about my life oh, say, 936 times during the course of the day. And now, after a mere 2.5 hours at home, I'm headed t0 bed.

Here's hoping Tuesday looks up. And if it doesn't, here's hoping that whoever makes it so has a strong constitution and an even stronger left hook.