Sunday, June 19, 2005

Status report

Freelance story
Regular story editing
Four-mile run (sans iPod, which crapped out after two blocks)
Un-grumpy reunion with husband (a lovely evening - walked to the Thai place in our neighborhood, whose hostess I will one day have to rumble with given the obvious extent of her devotion to my husband, then strolled down to the beach just after sundown)
Father's Day calls to father and grandfather

Still to do:
Finish writing other story
Grocery shopping
Clean up clothes bomb in spare bedroom (including finally unpacking from Detroit)
Read Sunday NYT (esp. intriguing story in Styles section about whether Adam Brody is gay (how could this be possible??))
Make haddock, and sweet pea risotto (this is not a fish risotto, just fish with risotto on the side; am having trouble figuring out how to indicate that via punctuation) for dinner w/ friends tonight
Figure out what to tell parents I want for my birthday (the big 33 is a few weeks ahead) other than more hours in the day and/or a weekend without work

Yikes. Back to work.