Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It was the sauvignon blanc, I swear

So all the work got done. I need to do some minor revisions on the freelance piece in the morning, which is no big deal since our company is taking the day off for a staff outing -- lunch out followed by a schooner ride in Casco Bay (read: lots of drinking).

Today I heard more news about random acquaintances who are having babies. This leads me to believe that I am either (A) very competitive or (B) actually do want a baby, because my reaction was to be Very Pissed. And then worried.

Because there's this bizarre thing that's been going on: Last week, I had to have X-rays of my shoulder, neck and spine for the new (and not so wacky) chiropractor I've been seeing. The X-rays had been scheduled a few weeks previously; when I first showed up at the hospital, they asked if there was any chance I was pregnant. And I said, "Uh, yeah, maybe, I dunno." I wasn't even sure I'd ovulated yet, but we'd been reconvening the procedure with some regularity, so I figured it was safer to just reschedule. Which I did.

So last Thursday, after a couple weeks, I took a pregnancy test: Negative. Took another one Friday: Negative. Went for the X-rays Friday morning, at which time they grilled me about potential pregnancies, because of the really horrible things X-rays can do to a fetus. I said everything was fine, so they did the X-rays.

And then days go by, and still no period. And so this morning at 5:30, I woke up to go to the bathroom and decided to take my temperature (even though I haven't been charting for a few months): 98.2, ie, still high, ie, sign of possible pregnancy. So I took a pregnancy test and then sat at the computer, Googling "Xray pregnancy" and being horrified by the results.

The test was negative, which is a relief (sort of, but not really). My period has not been this late since I went off the pill last fall, which is freaking me out. As is the fact that we've been "trying" (god, how I hate that phrase) for nine months with no success. (Still, I did manage to go back to bed and back to sleep for 90 minutes, so I must not be all that stressed...) Anyway, I am one mixed-up, irritated and slightly tipsy woman.

Our plan has been to go back to the charting (oh god, with the waking up to the beeping of the digital thermometer, which has got to be one of the most miserable sounds EVER) as soon as my next cycle starts. Which, apparently, is never. So, to recap, I am simultaneously:
1. Hoping I am pregnant;
2. Freaked out that if I am pregnant, and FirstResponse happens to manufacture some truly shitty tests, that the resulting baby will, at best, have two heads or, at worst, be a Red Sox fan;
3. Hoping I am not pregnant;
4. In which case, why the hell have I not gotten my period?
5. And, then, obviously, wondering what miserable, intractable malady I might have instead.

All of which is why it's terribly bad news that I am scheduled to spend all day tomorrow having fun rather than being distracted by my impending mountain of work.

Oh, and PS: My grandmother is in the hospital again. Oy.