Thursday, August 11, 2005

I love Lucy??

If it ain't one thing, it's another this week. As I may have mentioned, we're watching my sister's giant pony, I mean, dog, from today through Monday. Darren put her out along with the other pooches a little while ago, brought Jelly and Rocky in and said, "I left Lucy out there. Can you bring her in?" I nodded yes.

So some time goes by and I'm sitting here at the computer, checking to see who among y'all has updated, and a few times I hear Lucy's collar jingling. Excellent -- I know she's out there. And then something about the jingling strikes me and I think I ought to get up and bring her in. So I go out the back door onto the deck and the gate is open. And there is Lucy, standing in the driveway... next to the open window in the office, which is why I heard her collar jingling.

I walk toward her and, like the playful pooch that she is, she takes off down the driveway and up the street (this is when we thank jebus that we live on a dead end... and that it's 11 pm). And, for once, my brain did not thwart me: I ran after her down the driveway, stopped, looked at her standing in the road, and said, "Hey Lucy, you can't catch me" and ran back down the driveway toward the house, through the gate and onto the porch. She followed me every step of the way, right into the kitchen, thinking this is the best game she's ever played. (And yes, taunting her verbally was totally key to this strategy.)

Now if only I can get my heart to stop pounding.... Phew. We've had her in our possession for approximately six hours and we already lost her once. This does not bode well for the next four days.