Friday, August 12, 2005

It's not Wednesday, but I'm still whining

In case you're not already on top of it, Phantom Scribbler runs a very entertaining event called Wednesday whining. I haven't gotten up the gumption to post at it yet -- largely because much of the activity takes place during work hours, and I'm still skittish about posting to blogs at work, but also because I never think my whines are worthy.

Tonight, though, I've got no such doubt. Here's why: Remember my last post, about how Lucyfer escaped? Well, she's done it again -- twice. Once this morning while I was watering my new plants... some green things that might eventually have flowers if I don't ever kill them... and once this evening while we were allegedly playing fetch in the backyard. The (mostly good) news is that she is currently sacked out on my living room floor, so my efforts at recapturing her were successful. And the other good news is that I saw her in action and figured out what she's doing: Our gate to the backyard doesn't fit real well, so we sort of smash it into place and don't latch it. She's figured out that she can pop it open with her giant snout and then sprint down the driveway. So from here on out, we are latching the gate. Which is a pain in the ass. And on top of that she dug a big hole among my hostas... which I mostly hate, but still: A hole!!

Worse than the dog situation, though, is the work situation. This week has nearly killed me. I haven't been sleeping very well, and my favorite co-worker informed me today that I've been grumpy all week... and my other favorite co-worker agreed. Oops. Perhaps this has something to do with the giant and tedious book o' listings has become completely my job due to things I can't write about but really frickin' wish I could???

Ugh. I did not sign up to be correcting typos in a database, at home, at 7:41 on a Friday night. (Yes, I am listening to WFUV and, yes, I have a very nice Tanqueray and tonic and a plate of fancy cheese and crackers in front of me, but still... it's FRIDAY.) And I have still more work to do tomorrow. And this work that I am doing tonight, which should have been done eight hours ago, means that favorite co-worker #2 has to come in and work over the weekend. And ruining someone else's weekend really sucks.

And then there's the fact that the contractors start work Monday morning. Which in the long run is not going to be something to whine about... I hope... but in the short term it's going to suck: No shower, no bathroom sink. Just a toilet against the wall in the basement, and strange guys in the house making lots of noise and dust. And that means this weekend is going to be spent working, then picking out tile and lighting fixtures and emptying out the bathroom (and, yes, documenting its current state for a nice before-and-after photo spread). Waaaah.

And then there's the fact that Phantom, who is a total rock star among bloggers, is leaving for a week's vacation... which means I can't even save this whininess up to win a prize next week! Poor, poor pitiful me.