Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Last night, we tried Darren's solution for Jelly's late-night wandering -- a kiddie gate across the doorway and towels and throw rugs covering all the places where the linoleum floor is exposed. And, to some degree, it worked.

I actually woke up first, at 4:45, and took my temperature. Then I laid there listening to Darren and Jelly snore. By 5:15 or 5:30, she was up and pacing around the room. She climbed on top of a pillow on Darren's side of the bed at one point, in a vain attempt to hoist herself onto the bed, and put up a slight whine a little later. I showed her the squirt bottle, but was never forced to use it. I dozed for a while, and eventually re-set my alarm clock (6:45? No way. How about 7:15.).

And when the alarm went off, Jelly was sound asleep on her own bed. So I think this is going to work. I'm completely exhausted this morning, but that's in part because I was laying there waiting for something to go wrong... and then thinking about work, rather than actually, like, sleeping.

We didn't have the time -- or the equipment -- to implement Songbird's suggestion, a pedicure for Jelly. I adore this dog, but she is very particular about how she likes to be touched. So if I were to trim her nails, she'd have to be wearing a muzzle, which we do not own. A pedicure for me? That's another question entirely. No muzzles necessary.