Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cashed out

Worked a 12-hour day today, half of which involved public speaking -- which I actually enjoy, although it totally drains me. Still dealing with that unpleasant personnel issue, which should be resolved tomorrow after more unpleasantness. Still planning to take next week off, despite the immense amount of work I leave behind for my staff to do -- this despite the fact that I have worked 11 and 12 hour days all week, and will be working over the weekend.

I have lots to write about work-life balance and thoughts of starting a family, but no time or energy with which to do so. Especially because Darren's out picking up a pizza, The OC starts in fourteen minutes and I need to change out of my suit. Priorities, priorities.

PS: The new towels for our bathroom came today, and my Prius may actually be approaching Maine. To be continued....