Monday, October 24, 2005

Did you hear about that thing they call the Internets?

Compared to my husband, I am quite technologically advanced. I've got a PDA and an iPod and a blog, for chrissakes, and I know how to do very minor techie things on my computer such as resetting it to an earlier restore point when some dumb Windows update screws things up.

Compared to many of y'all, though, I am an utter neophyte. Case in point: I just set up an account on Bloglines and it is totally rocking my world. I love coming home from work, plopping in the desk chair and seeing at a glance who's updated (though I know it's not always entirely up to date). I like eliminating the needless surfing to find blogs that haven't been updated. And, yes, I know the entire world has known about things like Bloglines and RSS feeds and all those fancy things for quite some time, but it is still New to Me.

But it's funny... I find myself less likely to comment now that I have to take what seems like the extra step of clicking through to the original post, then clicking to comment. Besides which, the Bloglines entry doesn't say anything about how many people have commented, which sometimes is what prompts me to look at the comments (like when Phantom gets eleventy three million responses to a post about turning on the heat). Has anyone else had this problem?

Still, it seems kinda absurd to be blaming this newfangled convenience from keeping me from interacting with people. Comments are where the action is, and I'm guessing I'll get used to the Bloglines interface and go ahead and make that extra click. It's good exercise for the pointer finger anyway.