Thursday, November 10, 2005

The big reveal

So... I haven't exactly been upfront about the lack of posting around here. Yes, work has been demanding and, yes, I've been more tired than usual... but what I haven't said is why: I'm pregnant!

I wanted to wait to post this until we'd notified all the longtime friends who check in on the blog and until we told our parents (who as far as I know don't know this blog exists, but just in case...). My folks arrived yesterday afternoon for the big wedding festivities; we had Darren's parents over for dinner and casually passed around the ultrasound pictures -- I had an early one on Halloween due to some bleeding that turned out to be fine -- as we stood in the kitchen. This will be the first grandchild on both sides, so there was much rejoicing. It was really cool.

Even cooler? My mom is now making me scrambled eggs while I sip ginger ale and nibble on applesauce. I'm struggling with all-day sickness -- worse some days (like Tuesday) than others -- and I really resent the fact that I am supposed to go to work through all this.

So, I'm eight weeks along, which means a due date of late June. Work stuff is up in the air -- I'm headed to meet again with that editor I keep mentioning on Monday -- but it's looking good. Now, time to choke down some eggs and drag myself to the shower.