Tuesday, November 15, 2005


This morning, I gave notice at my job. My last day is Dec. 9, which as far as I am concerned is Not Soon Enough. I'm going to take the rest of December off (mostly with pay, due to accrued vacation time), and then right after New Year's I'll be starting a new, part-time gig as an editor at a really great magazine where I've wanted to work for years. This magazine is headquartered about 90 minutes away; in the past, that's always been an obstacle to my working there. They've had a change in management recently, though, and have become much more open to new and groundbreaking ideas such as telecommuting (so very 1998 of them...).

So I'll be working three days a week, two of them from my home and the third in the office. I'll use the other two days for freelancing, for now, and then for babytime later on. Money will be tight -- the magazine is paying me three-fifths of my current salary, which is better than I'd expected, but missing those other two-fifths is still going to hurt. We've made that much (that little) money before, but that was before the mortgage, and the little one.

I'm very excited about the change, though; I'm really looking forward to writing for a broader audience, and to helping institute some changes in what is already a very good magazine. And I'm making the big move to consumer magazines, which is excellent, career-wise. And it's also just really nice to feel so valued by this magazine -- that they are willing to take a chance on this arrangement, which has never been tried before in the whole company, says that they're putting an awful lot of faith in me. I spent the day there yesterday, and it felt good -- the people were nice, and I felt as though I could fit right in. (I haven't told them about the baby yet, which felt a little dishonest, but legally it's my right not to disclose it. I'll have to tell them shortly after starting, though, which is going to be interesting.)

Things went less swimmingly at work today when I gave my notice. My boss looked as though she'd been punched in the stomach when I gave her the news; she hadn't seen it coming at all, and seemed to take it personally. She was also a little scornful about the fact that I'm taking a lower-level title... whatever. The interesting thing is that when I broke the news to my staff, they had the complete opposite reaction: They were excited for me, despite the stress it puts on them, and unsurprised that I had decided to move on. It's clear from those two reactions who knows me better. So I took the guys on my staff -- and they're all guys -- out for beers after work (never fear, I had ginger ale) to help them strategize about the transition.

So... a lot of changes around here. It's a little dizzying, but all for the best. Oh, and I had another dr's appt today. They gave me another unscheduled ultrasound, since I've been having some spotting ever since a slightly scary bleeding episode a couple weeks ago, but the baby is growing as scheduled and things look fine. (They also, just in case, gave me a Rhogam shot since I am Rh- and we don't know Darren's status.) The first "real" ultrasound (with audible heartbeat, I believe) is in two weeks. My mom's coworkers passed the ultrasound from a couple weeks ago around the office today, and they're all convinced that tiny blob is a boy. We'll see....