Saturday, December 31, 2005

A two-monkey Saturday

After spending most of yesterday moping on the couch -- the result of yesterday morning's vomiting episode, the first in 10 days, which somehow made it more demoralizing rather than less -- I'm looking forward to getting out a bit more today. And also eating some real food.

Today's main events are diametrically opposed: This afternoon, Darren and Steve (Darcy's partner) are going to see King Kong. It's my job to watch young Sam while they're out for the approximately six hours this ridiculous movie apparently takes. It's been a while since I spent any significant amount of time alone with a toddler -- actually, it's been years -- so I'm a little apprehensive about my ability to stay engaged for dozens of performances of the same book. But I'm also looking forward to hanging out with curly-headed Sam, who is a very sweet little monkey himself.

After a few-hour hiatus, Darren and I are going to a veddy fancy restaurant with my sister and her husband. The four of us decided not to exchange Christmas presents this year, and are going out to dinner instead at this very nice northern Italian restaurant. We went there for my birthday and spent a truly hideous amount of money -- at least in part because we drank cocktails followed by two bottles of wine (we were with another couple, so it's not as bad as it sounds). And obviously this evening at least one of us will not be partaking of all that booze. I'm a bit nervous about the whole food thing, but thus far I've been ok when I eat out, as long as I order carefully.

I've never been one for big celebrations on New Year's Eve, and I'm feeling even less festive this year. So I'm guessing that after dinner we'll leave the younguns to their partying and D and I will come home. I'll be lucky if I stay awake until 10:30, let alone midnight... Apparently, though, we've missed our window for renting any decent movies. Darren went out last night to grab a copy of The (improperly punctuated) 40-Year Old Virgin, but to no avail. March of the Penguins was out everywhere, as was Millions. So we watched our own DVD of Broadcast News -- one of APL's favorite movies, if I remember correctly? -- and ate ice cream and were happy.
Given the size of Darren's DVD collection, we'll be in fine shape if we have to go the same route tonight.

Hope all of you have a very happy New Year, with a celebration that's just the way you want it.