Monday, January 09, 2006

A new routine

I think I've mentioned that my new job is part-time; I'm working Tuesday-Thursday for the magazine. The plan is that I will use the other two days a week for freelancing and other assorted ways of bringing cash into the house. We're hoping to live off our new, lower salaries (a major adjustment that has not yet kicked in) and to bank all the freelance cash to compensate for my maternity leave, which will be unpaid. Of course, the crucial factor here is that I actually earn some money on Mondays and Fridays.

Thus far, though, it's been much easier to sleep late, read blogs for a while in my pajamas and feel guilty about not working. I'm exaggerating slightly -- I already have a steady gig lined up, doing research and reporting for a financial journalist, which has just started to get off the ground -- but I will admit that it is currently 9:38 a.m., I am in my pajamas and I have yet to do any work... or to write the not one but TWO grad school recommendations I've been asked to put together by people who used to freelance for me. I also have some errands to get done -- bank, library, etc. -- and need to get some laundry going in order to have clothes to wear to my job this week. (Incidentally, I am VERY close to needing to buy some maternity pants; the only pants I own that fit right now are stretchy and have elastic waistbands. Pretty.)

So, you ask, why are you blogging, mc? My answer: Because I can. I am really, really enjoying setting my own schedule -- despite the fact that this very same schedule, or lack thereof, makes me neurotic at times -- and am trying to strike a balance between enjoying the very things I was looking for when I quit my full-time job and, you know, earning enough cash to pay the mortgage. So I'm going to hop in the shower, get a load of laundry in and then head out to do my errands. Late morning and all afternoon are free for work and recommendation writing... and a walk in the neighborhood. I've got a meeting with the guy who's getting me this work late this afternoon, so I may as well plan to be in "home" mode for the morning and "work" mode for the afternoon. Then, hippie pizza with Darren's college roommate, who is visiting for a couple days. All in all, not such a bad plan.