Friday, January 13, 2006

Warm weather getaway

So despite the funds crunch around here -- got my first paycheck from the new job yesterday, which is fantastic, yet still small -- Darren and I are planning to head off for a warm-weather vacation at the end of March, while I am still allowed to fly. We are determined not to visit anyone, which means staying in hotels for several nights.

Here's our criteria:
1. Warm weather
2. Sand
3. Water (to look at and/or swim in, as well as to drink)
4. Decent food
5. Doesn't take a horrifically long time to get there (ie, we don't want to spend a whole day flying if we can avoid it)

We're pondering the Florida Keys, although I really, really hate Florida (sorry, Ginga!), as well as the Caribbean, if we could get a decent package. I am generally opposed to those all-inclusive resorts, but what we are looking for here is an easy vacation where we don't have to do much other than relax, so I'm willing to consider it. We're trying to get this figured out soon, and would love any suggestions y'all have.