Saturday, January 14, 2006

Vacation, got to get away

Copious amounts of Internet searching over the last 36 hours have led us to this resort, in Puerto Rico. I desperately wanted to go to Puerto Rico last year, but we never made it, due to finances. The current round of searching has led us through Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean (why can I never spell that word correctly on the first try?). We found some lovely spots in St. Lucia, on a friend's recommendation, but they were horrifically expensive. For almost $1,000 less, we're going to be able to spend four nights in Puerto Rico at an all-inclusive resort, with nonstop flights from Boston and an extra day at home afterwards to recuperate from the travel.

The only obstacle: Darren still needs to clear the dates with his work, which he had planned to do on Friday. But there is a rather large personnel issue going on there these days and he never had a chance to take care of it. So either tomorrow or Monday we'll find out for sure whether we can make the reservation.

This makes me nervous.

The deal I found is a flight/hotel package on one of the travel sites (Travelocity, if you must know, which was several hundred dollars cheaper than every other site)... and I wonder if this deal, and/or the seats on these flights, are going to disappear between now and then. If so, we'll deal with it... but I really wish we could have booked it tonight. The whole thing is a ridiculous extravagance, but I think that if we don't do it, we're really going to regret it. And if that's not justification for pulling out the credit card (which we proudly paid off in August), I don't know what is.