Sunday, January 15, 2006

Puerto Rico, here we come!

Done. We are going to Puerto Rico for five nights in mid-March. I love the fact that we have nonstop flights (from Boston, which means a bit of driving on our part), as well as the fact that Kate has seen the resort we're going to with her own eyes and pronounced it good. I do not love the fact that I just charged a couple thousand dollars on my credit card, but as all and sundry have said, this will be our last chance for a vacation like this for many years to come. (I also bought trip insurance, just to be safe... it's $100 we won't get back, but if anything crummy happens, at least we'll get the money back for the trip.)

And since it's 23 here this morning -- back to your regularly scheduled winter in Maine -- the prospect of five days in sunny, 80-degree weather sounds just heavenly. Although this does mean that at some point I am going to have to purchase a maternity bathing suit... a torture best pondered another time.