Monday, January 16, 2006

Another shopping success

I think I'm starting to get this pregnancy/baby goods thing under control. A friend called this morning to invite me on a jaunt with her and her two-year-old to Outletville, where she'd heard the Gap outlet was having a big sale on maternity clothes (she's expecting in April). Since my freelance work was so slow as to be nonexistent today, I took off with them.

My reward? One pair of lined black flannel pants for work. Two long-sleeved V-neck sweaters. A T-shirt. And a long-sleeved T-shirt.

All for $15.

So far, I am liking this maternity shopping.

In the last couple days, we've also started to hear from friends who are wondering if we'd like to borrow any of their baby stuff. So far, we've got a line on a co-sleeper, a Pack & Play, a jogging stroller, a breast pump and an assortment of clothes. This is very exciting. We can spend our hard-earned cash on outfitting the bambino/a's room while utilizing hand-me-downs from our pals for some of the less flashy but still handy stuff. And I loooove the idea of using hand-me-down clothes, especially for the early stages in which the kid grows fast and doesn't care at all what he or she looks like. (Once he/she gets a little older, though, we might ease up on the hand-me-downs; I remember feeling terribly self-conscious in elementary school when for whatever reason the provenance of our outfits was up for discussion, and I admitted that mine had previously belonged to my cousin.)


Tomorrow morning I head north-ish again, for just one night this time. I am hoping this will be my last regular overnight for work; I really need to start getting into a regular routine at the new job. I still don't have any ongoing work of my own, just lots of day-to-day tasks. That is all well and good, but it makes it a little difficult to imagine how this is going to go once I'm not in the office three days a week. Other than that, though, the job is going very well, and I'm thrilled about the change.

Freelancing is going a bit more slowly, partly by design. I've gotten a few queries out, and in the meantime am doing some subcontracting for a guy I know locally, who is paying me pretty well. So although I'm not making up the income I've lost by cutting back to part-time, I do have some good prospects; it will just take time to get that rolling.