Monday, January 23, 2006

Again with the puking

Except this time it was stomach bug instead of morning sickness. Can I tell you how tired I am of throwing up? Luckily the bug didn't last long -- I threw up yesterday around 8:30, slept until 1 pm (key indicator that it was more than morning sickness), threw up again then spent the afternoon and evening slowly recovering. Sounds like Darren is getting it today -- joy.

So I am spending today gazing out the window at the soft, fluffy snow and trying to write an uninspiring freelance piece. And delaying editing the piece that just showed up in my inbox. And grumbling about the stupid IRS, whose website crashed just after I submitted my online application for an EIN -- a new requirement of one of the publications for which I write. When I called this morning and, to their credit, spoke with an actual human being after only a couple phone trees, I learned that they can't tell me until THURSDAY whether my application was processed or whether I need to do the whole damn thing again. So apparently the computer just stores that information away in its dark recesses somewhere for a week, until it feels like sharing it?? Aargh.

I think there is a nap in my future, along with a trip to the basement to get laundry started and a jaunt upstairs to get another pair of socks. And if that doesn't cure my crankiness, I may have to go to extreme measures: Hot chocolate. I'll do it, too.