Monday, December 18, 2006

Random gerunds of Monday night

Munching: On Christmas cookies, an insane number of which appeared at my house this afternoon courtesy of a cookie swap at my sister's work. So I did nothing, and got a whole plate of cookies. It is fabulous and also quite evil.

Anticipating: A good night's sleep, something that -- through no fault of Ess' -- we haven't gotten in several days. We went to a Christmas party Friday night, then spent Saturday and Sunday staying up late with an old friend of mine who was visiting from the west coast. Asleep before midnight is the goal tonight, and I hope to beat it by at least 90 minutes.

Disbelieving: The fact that I spent much of that party discussing kids and careers and wuas totally fascinated by all of it. We did not get to real estate, but we could have. When did we turn into our parents?

Hoping: To finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow. Astonishingly, we got the cards done and the tree decorated last week. Most of my shopping is done, which is a huge relief.

Appreciating: Old friends. I hadn't seen my friend K for three or four years, and we didn't do a great job of keeping in touch since the last visit. But she is among my oldest of friends; we have seen each other at our best and at our worst, and -- a key factor in turning childhood friendships into adult relationships -- we have disagreed and gotten over it. It's a shame we live on the exact opposite sides of the country, because I'd love to see her more.

Stressing: About the fact that I have to appear on live TV later this week to talk about a story I wrote recently. There was a reason I did not choose broadcast journalism, so this strikes me as more than a little unfair. But my editor asked, and so I will go. What will I wear? How will I stop myself from gesticulating wildly while I talk? And, I say again, what will I wear?