Friday, December 08, 2006

I love you, sweater

Living up here in the frozen north, sweaters are a fact of life, along with silky long underwear and a hat that covers your ears. So I have acquired a collection of warm, woolly sweaters of which I am quite fond. And right now I am mourning the fact that nursing/pumping makes it impractical to wear them; I just can't deal with that much bulky fabric jammed up under my chin several times a day.

So this year I have become a proponent of the cardigan. I only have a couple, so they are seeing extremely heavy wear these days, especially today's little gray wool number. The cardigans are practical and warm enough, I guess, but I sure do miss my sweaters. Maybe next year....

On a separate wintry topic: I really need to buy some winter boots (the kind for trudging through snow and navigating the icy back deck). I typically wear my hiking boots through winter, but they're not weatherproofed, nor are their treads particularly well suited for snow. I've been meaning to buy real boots for years, but the thought of slipping and falling with miss Ess in my arms has me convinced that this is the year. My only question? What kind to buy that will keep my feet warm and dry for not too much money. Any ideas, friends?