Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's 4:31 pm and it is pitch dark outside

Not much to report today. Ess had her six-month checkup, and the doctor was very pleased with how she's doing. And she said we need to just hang in there with the sleep disruption... which I knew, but which was good to hear from someone in a position of authority, too.

Ess had four shots, and at the moment seems to be doing fine, though she did conk out for about an hour right after the appointment. Right now she's laying on her back on the floor, going crazy with a rattle and Larry, her stuffed gorilla. She's also cackling at the dogs. I am never so grateful for their company as when they make a little girl laugh during tummy time.

There's lots of other stuff going on around here, none of it exactly bloggable at the moment. My Super Secret Christmas Project involves use of Photoshop, which I've never used before. And it also involves using Microsoft Word to perform desktop publishing functions, which is making me wish I had access to Quark or something... although that would likely involve (a lot more) cursing. D is also hard at work on a desktop publishing project for Christmas... and I'm going to have to format his, too. By that time I should be an old pro, but in the meantime I am futzing around with section breaks and styles and columns and it is driving me crazzzzyyyyy. Especially because every time I go through the document to double-check it, the Microsoft gremlins have screwed up some other thing that was previously hunky-dory. All I can say is, the recipients damn well better like this thing or I am going to spend Christmas huddled in a corner, weeping quietly.

Ess' tolerance for amusing herself seems to be diminishing rapidly; stupid Larry just isn't that exciting of a companion, I guess. And the dogs are begging for dinner, which doesn't get poured in their bowls for another hour... so that means I've got 60 minutes of pushy pooches underfoot while I try to entertain this kiddo. Fun times.