Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Can't find nothing good on the radio

I was on my way out to lunch with a friend and her seven-month-old this afternoon when I switched to a different radio station than the one I normally listen to. My radio hierarchy is NPR, then the local adult alternative station, then whatever else.

Rarely do I venture off those first two. But NPR was playing the Gates hearings, and I was in the mood for something a little more rhythmic. The adult alternative (or roots or Americana or whatever they've taken to calling the music I listen to) station was playing an hour of reggae, and I was in the mood for something less repetitive. So I ended up listening to another local station, one that plays hits from the 80s, 90s and today, with a playlist designed to "get you through your workday." Not something I normally go for, but they were playing something good... an old Til Tuesday song, I believe... and so I kept it tuned it.

And then at the break, they played one of their pre-recorded promos. These things are not known for their subtlety or wit, but this one, intoned by a silky female voice, blew me away:

"WXYZ: Almost as good as chocolate and credit cards."

Umm, credit cards?? I can see how you'd want your radio station to rank right up there with dark chocolate and free money, but debt? High interest payments? Subsidizing giant corporations while you live paycheck to paycheck? Not to mention the implication that if you listen to this station, you're a woman and therefore you like to eat sweets and spend money you don't have. Gah.

I always knew that corporate radio was evil, but this has me totally speechless.