Thursday, November 30, 2006

What I learned during my NaBloPoMo

  • Posting every day is not as difficult as I thought it might be, once I got in the habit (and got over my hangup about posting during work hours).
  • That said, I did post a few clunkers just to get something up.
  • But the pressure of posting every day also made me look outside my own navel for topics at least a few times... NYT articles on moms who like their liquor chief among them. I've been wanting to write those kind of posts for a while, and it was nice to have the impetus.
  • In addition, as Laid-Off Dad noticed, I think it did help my work-related writing to be spewing out words on a daily basis.
  • And it certainly did goose my traffic... at least a little bit. Actually, what I mean is that my traffic became more consistent, rather than having peaks and valleys.
  • But, with the exception of a few crazy souls who are attempting to comment on every NaBloPoMo blog, I didn't see any comments from new folks. Which means Jody is probably correct about the fact that the only people using the NaBloPoMo randomizer are other NaBloers.
  • And in my own experience, the randomizer is cool... but I didn't add any blogs I found while using it to my blogroll, or even to my feeds.
  • I hear that some NaBloers (which sounds kind of dirty, doesn't it?) are going to continue this crazy thing in December. And I think I might sign up. Crazy, no?
  • And also? I really, really like prizes. I like winning things. I win radio call-in contests sometimes. So I am hoping that somehow among all the hundreds of participants, I win something. I'll keep you posted. (Ha, a little blogging pun to leave you with. Perhaps someone at this computer needs a bit more sleep? Or some coffee? How about both?)