Sunday, December 17, 2006

This post brought to you by the letter B

Sorry for the lack of posting lately... Christmas preparations, work, and a visit from a high school friend have combined to keep me far from the blogs. In any case, this is the meme where you post 10 things you like that begin with your assigned letter. My letter came from ppb, who thought B would be good because of the Baby. So here goes. And if you'd like to play along, leave a note in the comments and I will assign you a letter.

1. Blogging! I am finding that I miss the pressure of NaBloPoMo to post every day; it was a really good exercise, and now I've quickly returned to my lackadaisical posting schedule. But my point about blogging is that I'm frequently overwhelmed by the generosity of this community, something I'd never expected to find.
2. Baby, the. I am not one of those people who gets all squealy about babies in general, but I have to say that the one napping in the next room is pretty frickin' amazing.
3. Beer. Mmmmm. Can't wait to try the homebrew that a friend just passed along as a Christmas gift.
4. Bacon. We were out to brunch this morning and I had an amazing dish -- potato gnocchi with spinach, hollandaise and thick-cut bacon. Yum, yum, yum.
5. Beatles, the. An easy one, to be sure, but they really never go out of style, and it's so much fun to play them for Ess. I sing her "In My Life" -- a garbled version of it, anyway -- every night before bed.
6. Beach, the. It's not summer to me without a few days spent in a beach chair, with a sandy butt and a jug of eventually lukewarm water. I am so lucky to live within walking distance of the beach. It soothes my soul in a way little else does.
7. Beef. When I started eating meat after 5 or 6 vegetarian years, I began with turkey sandwiches, which were what I'd been craving. And then went home at Christmas and my mom had made meatballs. And that was the end of my ban on red meat. We try to buy local, grass-fed beef, although it doesn't come in all the cuts we use, but I am surprised at how comfortable I've gotten cooking it.... to the point where we probably ought to eat a little less.
8. Bocce. Another sign of summer -- the clink of the heavy balls as they meet, the chorus of groans when a throw goes astray, the friendly arguments over whose ball is closer. It's going to be a few years, but I can't wait to teach Ess how to play.
9. Beets. A surprising discovery of adulthood (and CSA membership). I LOVE a salad with greens, beets and goat cheese. It's a totally different vegetable than the canned slimy things I ate as a child.
10. Bed. Covers with some heft to them, a nice cushy pillow, a good book or magazine article and I am in heaven. In fact, I think a nap is in order right now.