Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Random bullets of addressing Christmas cards

  • How did I end up knowing so many people who live in Ohio? Does it have anything to do with that John Gorka song "I'm from New Jersey"? (Sample lyric: "It's like Ohio, but even more so.")
  • Next year, I am getting pre-printed return address labels.
  • And possibly figuring out how to print labels from my address book.
  • Although I still refuse to capitulate to the tyranny of the pre-printed photo card with no room for a handwritten message. We will painstakingly hand-write the same two sentences over and over to all of our friends and like it, by god! (And, yes, a glass of wine helps this effort immeasurably.)
  • Curious how the card list has grown lengthier since we have a photo of a little cutie-pie to show off...
  • ...Although I did heed the words of some columnist or blogger I read once who griped about getting holiday cards that just include pictures of the kids; the theory is that your old friends are more interested in seeing your kid if they can see an updated photo of you, too... post-baby weight, receding hairline and all. (Not, of course, that either of those would apply to us. Ahem.) We opted for a family photo at a scenic locale (the nearby beach) with vaguely holiday-ish clothing (I'm in a red sweater, D's in a cream-colored Irish wool sweater, and Ess is decked out in her Swedish Childrensson Xmas dress and a fuzzy white hat).
  • And now that all 60+ cards have been addressed, return addressed and stamped, I have absolutely zero willpower to write messages on any of them. Can barely hold head up to finish my wine.
  • Someone remind me what it is we enjoy about the holidays?