Monday, February 27, 2006

A cluttered mind, and $$ for Annika

I've got three or four potential posts running through my head, but some looming deadlines -- in particular, a revision that I've got to get done today -- are preventing me from writing anything of substance. Suffice it to say, though, that working on a project related to personal finance does little to help one's already frantic state of mind when it comes to one's own personal finances.

Before I leave you to ponder that little Zen koan, I'd like to remind any of you who don't already know -- and pester those of you who do -- about the fundraisers underway for Annika. Badger's auction of her late husband's artwork to benefit Annika's COTA fund is underway here on eBay; in addition, you can now buy raffle tickets for several lovely items to benefit Annika here. More info is available here about the fundraising. (Which reminds me: I've got to finish the little hoodie I'm donating for the next raffle. I just need to finish the second sleeve, do the hood and put it all together. If I could stay awake past 8:15, that might help...)