Monday, February 20, 2006

Wanted: One dose of motivation

I have a ton of work to do today, and I just. don't. care. I'm having the hardest time buckling down to do it. I ended up not working at all over the weekend, mostly because I didn't need to, and so you'd think I'd be raring to go this morning. Well, I'm not.

I had a fair bit of weekend malaise, in part due to cabin fever -- it was excruciatingly cold, which I can handle, and very windy, which I can not. And my Saturday morning yoga class was cancelled. So I got little to no exercise and, other than cleaning the basement, didn't do a whole lot more than lay around, read and act grumpy. It was restful, yes, but I think it also drained me of any motivation whatsoever.

This morning, for example, I have a story to write (the one I planned to do Friday, before the copyediting gig took over). I spent some time earlier writing an outline, which I never do; now it's just a matter of actually writing the sentences to fill in under each section. (This is one of those articles magazine editors love -- a numbered list of tips, with a brief intro and a couple paragraphs of substance under each bullet.) Really, this is not rocket science, but I just don't want to do it, despite the aforementioned need for cash. I have been checking my email obsessively, waiting to hear from the Freecycler who is allegedly giving us the headboard, and checking Bloglines even more obsessively for a distraction, any distraction.

This needs to stop. I am checking Bloglines once more, then taking the radical step of Closing the Browser Window. I'll report back later on the success of this effort.