Thursday, February 09, 2006

I went back to Portland but my waist was gone

I promise, one day soon I will write something that does not involve pregnancy and/or motherhood. For the moment, though, it's all I've got.

Actually, make that what I don't got. I realized yesterday that my waist has disappeared. Gone. I'm not sure what kind of weight gain I've got going on -- as of last week, I'd still gained only a pound, something that was sort of starting to worry me, so I decided to start emergency infusions of Ben & Jerry's. And I think they're working.

It's astonishing to me how much my body is changing from day to day. Long underwear -- sexy, I know, but it's Maine, ok? -- that fit me last week became horrifically uncomfortable yesterday -- tight in every dimension and incredibly irritating where it crossed the middle of my (burgeoning) belly. This was a great discovery about one hour into a twelve-hour day, all of which took place 85 miles from my house. So, a new fashion rule: Nothing elastic is allowed to touch the bump. The elastic-waisted pajama bottoms I'm wearing at the moment go above the bump. Underwear, for the time being, goes below.

And just yesterday one of my coworkers said he had NO. IDEA. that I'm pregnant. I'm thinking that state of affairs isn't going to last much longer.