Thursday, February 02, 2006

Too mundane for a proper title

Another busy week is almost past; thus the complete absence of posting since Monday. Had a scary little bleeding episode last night -- none of the spotting I'd had previously, but real, red blood -- that turned out to be fine (as far as we know). On top of that, I am coming down with the cold that Mir described as feeling like there are shards of glass in your throat.

Still, we managed tonight to have friends over for dinner and The O.C. It's no drop-in Wednesday a la Scrivener (not least because it's Thursday), but we did have a mushroom risotto and a very nice time. It's been ages since we had anyone other than my sister and brother-in-law over, so it was nice to have a reason to straighten the house, put some music on and act like grownups. Well, grownups who watch The O.C.

Tomorrow's another jam-packed day: Board meeting in the morning, followed by a stop at my former employer's office, then lunch with a couple friends, a haircut and a fast retreat to the home office, where I need to try to finish a story that's due at the end of the day... that I won't have time to start writing until about 3 o'clock. Oh, and I've got a 4 pm phone meeting. Should be interesting. Now, to bed to read the stuff I'm supposed to have read before that 9 am meeting...