Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just a warning...

It's going to be quiet in these parts for the next several days. I've got my weekly 12-hour day tomorrow, in preparation for which I just gassed up the car, visited the ATM and bought a bagel that I will toast for consumption on my 100-minute drive in the morning.

And on top of that there is the freelance work. That old saying about raining and pouring is right on; in addition to the fact that I turned in one story yesterday and have another due on Friday, I just accepted a copyediting gig from a book publisher. Only problem? I'm doing the copyedit in batches, and they'd like the first three chapters back by the end of the day... Friday. I just got them an hour ago, and seeing as how I don't even have an updated style guide or dictionary (thanks to Amazon, both will arrive tomorrow) I can't even start working on it now. Which means... hoo boy, Thursday (when I work at my real job from 8:30-5) and Friday are going to be interesting.

In the long run, this is all excellent news; to have this much work right now will do our little bank account well, particularly since the credit card bill containing the Puerto Rico trip arrived in today's mail. But it may mean a few weeks of insanity in the meantime.