Monday, February 13, 2006

Helping Annika

Most of you already know about Annika, the sweet five-year-old girl whose mom, Moreena, blogs at Falling Down is Also a Gift. In case there are a few of you who don't, though, I wanted to draw your attention to her story.

Annika has already had two liver transplants and has spent the last several months in and out of the PICU. Moreena's stories about this whole experience are simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring -- I really urge you to spend some time reading if you haven't already.

What is downright infuriating, though, is that Annika's family is having some major, major problems with their insurance company, which claims that Anni has already run through her annual limit -- yes, in February -- for coverage. So the amazing Phantom Scribbler and Andrea have, with Moreena's support, speedily organized fundraising efforts that I urge you all to support.

For my part, I've added a permanent button and link to Andrea's fundraising page in my sidebar (thanks to Phantom for the html assistance this morning). I'm also going to be crocheting this (size 2T)

and donating it to the raffle Andrea's setting up. I started it last night, and I think -- I hope -- it's going to come together relatively quickly. Since it's the first time I've made a sweater, though, I'm sure there will be a few bumps along the way.

I hope that you will contribute in whatever way seems appropriate.