Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A blog for the bambina

Just a quick post to say I finally figured out the registry dilemma that was plaguing me below. The bambina now has her very own blog for our family (ie, it has our real names and such, so I won't be linking to it), which contains links to both her Amazon registry and a bunch of links to other stuff we like but that we can't register for on Amazon. My parents love it; my mother-in-law thinks it's a cool idea (she did not use the word "cool," I assure you) but has no idea how to use it... which isn't much of an issue since she lives just 20 minutes away anyway. We did not go so far as to follow in the footsteps of those scary people profiled in the Times Styles section a few weeks back, who are buying up domain names for their infants.

So this satisfied my geeky need to have everything available online as well as the practical problem of how to tell people about stuff that is not sold at the Evil Baby Superstore. If there are tons of problems with duplicate items, well, we'll worry about that later.

Now, back to work.