Thursday, February 10, 2005

I told you so

Remember back last month, when I had the horrible haircut and the sneaking suspicion that a coworker's wife was pregnant?

Well, I was right... and not just about the hair (which, thankfully, is growing out). Said coworker made the announcement tonight -- his wife is due at the end of July, and he is just happy as a clam. We toasted over beers in the midst of a howling snowstorm, and I was pleased to find myself genuinely happy for him, rather than stewing in envy as I'd been last month. He's not the world's most positive guy, but he was absolutely glowing with the news. A good sight to see.

And so in the midst of the sharing I sort of blurted out that (1) I had thought she might be preggers and (2) we are "heading that way" ourselves. Not sure how wise that was -- I supervise both these guys -- but my hope is that no one will worry, and we'll all figure out how to deal with the workload together. (After all, they would have figured it out when I, the frequent instigator of the post-work beer, suddenly started ordering water. Not that I am scheduled to do that anytime soon.) Anyway, all in all, not a bad night.