Sunday, January 16, 2005

Resolution update

Ok, so I know it's only two weeks into the new year, but I'm feeling like I need to keep track of my progress (or lack thereof) on the goals I set out a few weeks ago. So, Bridget Jones-ish as it may be, here's my report:

1. Follow fewer recipes.
I've made some steps forward on this one, with the turkey chili I wrote about a week or two ago and by adapting a recipe for a Portuguese caldo verde (not this one, but close), which called for swiss chard, potatoes and chorizo in a mostly water broth. Instead, I used mostly chicken stock (which I made with the leftovers from the chicken party), kale, white beans and chorizo. It tasted great, especially as leftovers, but wasn't particularly filling.
I'm hoping to continue improving on the improvisation, but Jelly's nightly freakouts and the ensuing lack of sleep have definitely sapped my creativity lately.

2. Wash face every night before going to bed.
Again, some progress. I'm probably averaging four or five nights out of seven - much better than before it was a Resolution, but still not perfect.

3. Deal with the bathroom renovation.
I set myself a deadline of Jan. 17 - tomorrow - for bringing the sketch of the bathroom as it is now to Home Depot or a bath design place. We did, in fact, go to Home Depot yesterday, but didn't make any progress. After selecting new smoke detectors, we headed toward the kitchen and bath area. As usual at the Despot, there were a few orange-aproned employees around, but each was Deep in Concentration with other shoppers.
We finally found one we could interrupt and asked if they do bath design and installation. "Umm, I think they do a few baths here and there," she replied. "You should ask them," she went on, pointing at one woman (not a "them" by any means) who was busy working with another couple on a kitchen design. We walked away to try to find a white noise machine to drown out Jelly's nighttime noises.
We ended up at the service desk, where the comedian behind the counter referred us to the movie theater across the parking lot - apparently there's a movie called White Noise in theaters - then said he didn't think they stocked such things. Since things were going so well, we asked his co-worker whether HD does bath design as well as kitchens. "Well, yeah, I think so," she said. "I mean, they've got to be doing something back there, right?"
Doesn't that inspire confidence? So we paid for our smoke detectors with the gift card Darren's parents gave us for our anniversary - we have $1.12 left! - and headed for home. I think the next step is going to be the fancy bath design place in the building where my office is.

4. Get published in a national magazine.
Not this month.

5. Re-organize basement.
Much progress here! This morning Darren and I went through all the junk that had been strewn around after the flood. We're getting rid of two giant bags of garbage, plus a couple bags of recycling and four bags of books - mostly academic blather that I'm sure we'll never want again. I couldn't bear to get rid of my college lit books, though, so if you need a textbook on the Romantic poets, I'm the one to ask.
We still need to organize the closet and workbench area, then sweep and mop the floor and buy a de-humidifier. Still, this morning was a big step forward.

6. Stress less. Exercise more. Be happier.
Uh, yeah. Right. I think I got some exercise once this month. Staying up with Jelly is really taking it out of me, so I'm hoping that once she gets settled in fully, I can get back to the gym. Amazingly, despite all the problems with the adoption process, I do really like her and she certainly does soak up the love. So it's a step in the right direction, anyway.