Thursday, January 06, 2005

A little more than we bargained for

There are oh-so-many things I could write about at the moment:
  • the fact that not only did I go to the gym today but I also just shoveled the (longer than you might think) driveway, something I will surely have to do again, meaning I have fulfilled my exercise requirement for approximately the next three years;
  • the fact that we were supposed to have our work holiday dinner tonight but it was cancelled due to the little bit of snow despite the fact that we live in Maine and, hello, it snows here and as a result I am responsible for feeding myself and have neither energy nor willpower to do so;
  • the fact that my De-lurking Day results were just a wee bit embarrassing (not, of course, that I don't appreciate the lovely comments from Ginga and Chris over at Rude Cactus); or
  • the fact that for some crazy reason I decided to have a department brainstorming/planning meeting at my house tomorrow morning, meaning said house must be cleaned and baked goods acquired and driveway shoveled by 9 a.m (although, thank gawd, I was not as crazy as Mir, who has 10 small boys coming to her house to make capes and spread glitter and destruction across her home).
Instead, I will write briefly about the fact that my new dog, the beloved Jelly, not only cost me $250 at the vet today, but in addition needs surgery for three mammary tumors. And that on top of the near-deafness, the half-blindness and the weak back legs, she has an ear infection, a heart murmur and dangerously elevated kidney levels. I came home with flea medication, ear cleaner, ear ointment and a Chinese herb that might help some of what ails her.

In the days ahead, I will get a refill of the antibiotic drops that we put in her right eye every day and an anti-inflammatory to perhaps address her lame hind end. I will slide a little tray under her butt when she pees so I can collect the urine and take it in for further analysis of the kidney situation. (I won't tell you what I have to do with the poo.) And I will schedule the surgery.

And, tonight, I will write a kind yet strongly worded e-mail to the rescue people who cared for her --- the people who, you might recall, put us through an interview, reference-checking, a call to our vet AND an inspection of our home, but apparently could not be bothered to adequately assess this dog's physical condition.

And that is what I have to say for today.